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Microsoft Excel has been called “One of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time.”  Businesses of all sizes and across all industries rely on Excel on a daily basis.  Investing in professional training for your staff is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to improve their technical skills, efficiency, and production.  Results are seen almost immediately!  Contact Us today in order to discuss what training options are best suited for your business.

Why Should You Choose OfficeInnovator?

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Excel Training for All Levels

Almost everyone uses Excel in their job on a regular basis, but very few people actually get the most out of it.  Wherever your team is on the skill spectrum, we can help them get to the next level.  Our training has been refined over the years to emphasize the most valuable skills in a professional setting; and it is taught in a way that allows students to retain the information.

Training is offered in several forms, including:

  • Standard Training – Consists of full-day or half-day workshops delivered at a location of your choosing. We will come to you and train your staff on one of our pre-built workshops (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Topics), or a Customized Curriculum at no extra charge!
  • Enhanced Training – Consists of a series of courses designed specifically for your organization, using data and examples from your team’s day-to-day responsibilities.  This training is designed to go even more in-depth, to help your team achieve high-level Analytic capabilities.

Excel Tools & Consulting Services

You have enough things on your to-do list, so let us lend a helping hand! Our custom tools will help you boost efficiency and productivity, leaving you free to focus on what really matters!

Common tools include (but are not limited to):

  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Process Automation
  • Dashboards & Performance Tracking

Our Expertise

You can rest assured knowing that all services will be performed by a Microsoft Certified Trainer / Microsoft Certified Excel Expert with over 15 years experience using Excel in a professional environment.