Excel Training for All Levels

Jumpstart your career or education by improving your Excel skills today! Learning Excel is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your productivity, or your desirability in the job market!

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    We will guide you through the basics, from maneuvering within a file, creating charts, and performing basic functions and formulas.


    Keyboard shortcuts, absolute & relative references, conditional formatting, and an introduction to functions such as If-statements, Sumif, and everyone's favorites: VLookups and Pivot Tables


    Further exploration into Pivot Tables, Excel Solver, and combining formulas to achieve unique results.

    Customized Training Available

    Is there a specific topic that you or your team needs help with? No problem! We offer customized lesson plans and training
    for your specific needs!

    Why should you choose OfficeInnovator?


    Other Trainers

    Training Methods



    We use an interactive “Learn-By-Doing” approach which has been formed through our years of experience. The students work directly in Excel, which improves engagement, participation, and knowledge retention.

    Other Trainers

    Slides and Notes

    Many other trainers partially rely on presentations and print-outs, where students watch and take notes. This results in less interaction during class, and a steeper learning curve when the student tries to apply the lessons.

    Training Material


    Focus on Relevance

    We focus only on the lessons and exercises that are relevant in a business or academic setting. Every one of our lessons is aimed at directly improving the efficiency and accuracy of your work. This is achieved through over 15 years of experience using Excel in corporate and academic environments.

    Other Trainers

    Mundane List of Features

    Many other trainers include an exhaustive list of functions and exercises, regardless of their overall usefulness. While every feature in Excel has its place, it is not necessary to try and squeeze them all in to a single course.

    Course Length


    3.5 Hour Course (typical)

    By focusing on only the most relevant functions, we are able to conduct a full training session in 3.5 hours. The shorter course increases knowledge retention, as 8 hours can severely strain many student’s attention spans. The shorter course also allows us to conduct two separate sessions in one day, doubling the amount of students who can be taught in a given time.

    Other Trainers

    8 Hour Course (typical)

    Due to the exhaustive lists of functions and slides that many other trainers rely on, the courses tend to be taught over the course of an entire day. This limits the effectiveness of the training, as most attention spans begin to waiver before the 8 hour mark.



    Fixed Rates

    Our rates are $1,475 for a half day (typically one class), and $2,475 for a full day (typically two classes). The price will remain constant, regardless of the number of students, or level of training. This will allow you to budget confidently, knowing that your pricing will be fixed.

    Other Trainers

    Variable Per-Student charges

    Many other trainers charge between $200 – $350 per student for a full-day course. For a class of 20 students, the cost can easily become double or triple that of OfficeInnovator.

    Compare: a full day with OfficeInnovator (two classes, 25 students per class), would cost less than $50 per student!

    Our Expertise

    You can rest assured knowing that all services will be performed by a Microsoft Certified Trainer / Microsoft Certified Excel Expert with over 15 years experience using Excel in a professional environment.